2 of my friends got married on the 6th of June. I had to rush from one end to the other end of Penang to attend both weddings so that I could see the bride on time! Quite a bit of money spent on their weddings gifts. Well, was it worth the money spent?

To see my secondary class mate who sat behind me for one whole entire year in Form 5, up on the stage, seated with her husband and smiling away?

Siti Aishah & Mohammed Nasir

Bride & Groom

Almost half of 5 Nilams

And then we decided to camwhore under the sun. in our baju kebayas.

Don’t ask. I have no idea what was I doing.

The goodies from her wedding

To see my primary classmate, a best friend since Primary 4, happily grinning with her husband and looking absolutely gorgeous?

Khairun Nisa & AryAbsolutely gorgeous!

I like the backdrop!

I was taking this picture and the bride’s sister stood beside me. I shamelessly asked her sister if the cake was real. She said, “mestilah!” and I went on to said, “laparlah. nak makan cake!” although I just ate.  Sometimes, I just amaze myself with my humongous  appetite.

The goodies. I got a small cup and my favourite kuih bahulu!
oh, I got the bunga telur because I once again shamelessly asked for it even before her wedding day haha 😉

So, was the money well spent?

Hell yes!

I wrote a note on Facebook for Nisa after her wedding.

I never would have thought that among all the friends I knew, you would be the first few to tie the knot. I remember how ‘wild’ you used to be in school last time. I have always thank you for being the best prefect friend I had in Primary School because without you I am pretty sure I would not have been able to pull through the years as a prefect. I remember vividly until this very day, you scolded me for wearing a singlet and not a bra when we were already twelve years old. Haha! You were always there for me and I thank you for all the years we had together in Seri Permai.

We were separated in high school but we still kept in touch via slow mail and phone. We would write crazily long few pages of letters and mail it to our respective houses and the other person will reply within a week, although we were barely 15 minutes away from each other. Those were the good times.

We were separated for years, not knowing anything about each other. I thought that was probably the end of our friendship, really. Not until one day you message me in 2007. You bumped into Moey when you were taking your STPM results and you got my number from her. We met up for dinner/supper before I left for UK and that was when I realized you never changed, even a single bit! Okay, you looked better.. a lot prettier and hot. And you became so loyal to the one and only guy! Besides that, you still laughed the same way you do, macam itik haha! You still crack jokes and make fun of people. You still make me laugh and smile whenever I talk to you. Same old same old.

Yesterday, when I attended your wedding lunch I could not help but smile and feel the joy. You looked stunning, drop dead gorgeous. Filbert agreed with me and he wanted me to tell you that your wedding dress was so much nicer than those he watched on Nona that afternoon before going for your wedding.

I could feel so much love between you and Ary. I could see the smile on Ary’s face yesterday, knowing that he had married the most wonderful lady he could ever asked for. I’m sure you are still on cloud nine as a newly wed. Here, I want to wish you and Ary a wonderful marriage and selamat pengantin baru! I love you okay?

Ps. Jangan lupa aku nak main dengan baby comel okay? Bagitau Ary aku nak jadi mak angkat haha!