2 of my friends got married on the 6th of June. I had to rush from one end to the other end of Penang to attend both weddings so that I could see the bride on time! Quite a bit of money spent on their weddings gifts. Well, was it worth the money spent?

To see my secondary class mate who sat behind me for one whole entire year in Form 5, up on the stage, seated with her husband and smiling away?

Siti Aishah & Mohammed Nasir

Bride & Groom

Almost half of 5 Nilams

And then we decided to camwhore under the sun. in our baju kebayas.

Don’t ask. I have no idea what was I doing.

The goodies from her wedding

To see my primary classmate, a best friend since Primary 4, happily grinning with her husband and looking absolutely gorgeous?

Khairun Nisa & AryAbsolutely gorgeous!

I like the backdrop!

I was taking this picture and the bride’s sister stood beside me. I shamelessly asked her sister if the cake was real. She said, “mestilah!” and I went on to said, “laparlah. nak makan cake!” although I just ate.  Sometimes, I just amaze myself with my humongous  appetite.

The goodies. I got a small cup and my favourite kuih bahulu!
oh, I got the bunga telur because I once again shamelessly asked for it even before her wedding day haha 😉

So, was the money well spent?

Hell yes!

I wrote a note on Facebook for Nisa after her wedding.

I never would have thought that among all the friends I knew, you would be the first few to tie the knot. I remember how ‘wild’ you used to be in school last time. I have always thank you for being the best prefect friend I had in Primary School because without you I am pretty sure I would not have been able to pull through the years as a prefect. I remember vividly until this very day, you scolded me for wearing a singlet and not a bra when we were already twelve years old. Haha! You were always there for me and I thank you for all the years we had together in Seri Permai.

We were separated in high school but we still kept in touch via slow mail and phone. We would write crazily long few pages of letters and mail it to our respective houses and the other person will reply within a week, although we were barely 15 minutes away from each other. Those were the good times.

We were separated for years, not knowing anything about each other. I thought that was probably the end of our friendship, really. Not until one day you message me in 2007. You bumped into Moey when you were taking your STPM results and you got my number from her. We met up for dinner/supper before I left for UK and that was when I realized you never changed, even a single bit! Okay, you looked better.. a lot prettier and hot. And you became so loyal to the one and only guy! Besides that, you still laughed the same way you do, macam itik haha! You still crack jokes and make fun of people. You still make me laugh and smile whenever I talk to you. Same old same old.

Yesterday, when I attended your wedding lunch I could not help but smile and feel the joy. You looked stunning, drop dead gorgeous. Filbert agreed with me and he wanted me to tell you that your wedding dress was so much nicer than those he watched on Nona that afternoon before going for your wedding.

I could feel so much love between you and Ary. I could see the smile on Ary’s face yesterday, knowing that he had married the most wonderful lady he could ever asked for. I’m sure you are still on cloud nine as a newly wed. Here, I want to wish you and Ary a wonderful marriage and selamat pengantin baru! I love you okay?

Ps. Jangan lupa aku nak main dengan baby comel okay? Bagitau Ary aku nak jadi mak angkat haha!


Dinner with the girls at Delicious.
Dinner was great, company was marvellous.
How can it not be marvelous with gossips, kek thongs-ness and bitching around hehe.
I just adore these two darlings!

All the names of the following are based on my own dictionary thank you.

Seafood  Salad. Keshia said it was osm 😉

Ham and chicken toastie

Duck Spaghettini

Lemon Meringue

Chocolate Banana Cake

Zi Zi and Keshia

This woman is the woman who is responsible for transforming me from an naive-innocent looking student to a working adult!

She taught me to use mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, powder, and blusher. Oh yes, make up.
I had no freaking idea how to use any form of make up (shut up I always claimed I like natural look) until my last class in UK, when I finally realized I need to learn how to make up in order to enter the working world. Well, at least to make myself look more presentable and mature. Now thanks to her, I can at least make myself look a little better than what I am at home. Thanks darling! *kisses

Being my make up guru is not enough, she is now my official make up headmistress hehe. Thanks to this babe I did my first eye brow threading!

I now have a neatly shaped eye brow. No more bushy eye brow!!

I have to say I am impressed with the Indian lady who did the threading. All I could hear was “zak zak zak” in addition to a little pain sensation that made me tear and there, a nice arch. I AM IMPRESSED!

5 Ringgit. 5 minutes. That’s all it takes.
Once again, thanks a lot for pushing me and convincing me that it would not hurt! You are the best make up headmistress I can ever ask for 😉

Looking back at my career journey (chewah, macam dah kerja 30 tahun, padahal not even 2 years hehe), it has taught me a lot and given me exposure that I never thought I would have the opportunity to experience it early in my career.
Once I came back from UK, I completed my dissertation and then started working almost immediately. I have no idea why I took up my first job, but I believe everything happened for a reason.

It was for my first job that I gained so much confidence (and developed thick skin, if you may say) and some little experience in sales. That was also when I met some of the most amazing people which I believe they are the reason why I stayed on in the company for three months.

Dawn Lim, the ever famous Malaysian Dream Girl Second Runner Up.
Omg, no wonder I’ve put on so much weight. Look at me eating and eating!

Benjamin Daniel Khoo
Si ham sap lou hahahaha. Kidding!

My first job also got me on a higher level when I met my current boss and was given the opportunity to join his company. It’s not a huge MNC. It was not a huge business. But it definitely gave me a lot of exposure that I believe has provided me with a pretty good track record in term of my career journey so far. I really enjoyed my work here and the flexibility of the job, oh-my. Not to mention the different levels of executive I have had the privilege to meet and serve clients, from the frontliners to call center executives to bankers to managers to Directors to CFO to CEO of large organizations. And the regional exposure my boss kindheartedly gave me the chance to be involved in the Indonesian market. I never thought I would stay in 5 different hotels in 8 days, but I did. From one state to the other in Indonesia. That was one hell of an experience.

I went to Jakarta. Oh how I love Jakarta.

I experienced the first automated toilet bowl. Scared the shit out of me but I had fun playing with it hehe.

I had the whole big-ass room to myself and I never want to wake up every morning.

I soaked myself in this egg shaped bath tub overlooking the heart of Jakarta City.

I went to Surabaya.
I went to Semarang.
I went to Sukabumi, Lido.

I ate in the middle of a paddy field.

I went to Batam.
I had the longest full body massage, for 3 hours, overlooking the beautiful sea view.

I went to Bali.

and I saw the most amazing sunset, ever. Only thing I wished was to have my boyfriend by my side and not my boss -_-

I was a dream came true. I have always wanted to go to Bali and I did.
Even though it was for work purposes but I had a good glimpse of Bali and I will definitely go there once again.

In terms of work, I did so much that I cannot even believe I could do all that.
I wrote a book!

Me? A book? Woah, that’s so totally unbelievable.
Nothing rocket science, heck it’s not even published but the fact that I wrote a freaking book thrills me! Hehe.

I spoke, I gave speech, I role-played, I presented in front of hundreds of people.

I never knew I could stand straight, without fumbling my words in front of large audience.

I sang “Words” by Bee Gees in front of 200 + managers of a large Pharmaceutical company.

Oh my God, how did I even had such courage to sing in front of these people?
I can never sing to save my life.

One year and three months since I first joined this company, my boss decided that he might want to concentrate his business back in Indonesia. Thank God, he was nice enough to keep me until I get a job I really want. Once again things happened for a reason.

After so much exposure, I am finally ready to join a new organization that I believe will provide me with a wider array of exposure, not only in Malaysia but internationally and higher salary. Thanks to my regional working exposure and the oh-so-much-of-work-I-did, I passed three rounds of interview and was finally appointed as a Sales Consultant.

I  signed my contract yesterday and I just finished typing my resignation letter. Don’t you think everything just fell into place nicely?

1. I did sales for 3 months. No idea why (Question)
2. I met my current boss while pitching to him my sales product. And got a job offer. Sales experience was not wasted, I got a better job, yo! (Answer)
3. Did loads of Consulting work. Learned the ropes of a business, including the management sides. Boss taught of re-shifting business model to Indonesia. No idea why. (Question)
4. Saw job posting. Applied. 3 rounds of interviews. Job involves sales (first job came in handy!) and management and consulting experience (aha! second job came in just right!). International exposure academically or professionally is an added advantage (yeay, degree from UK, check! Regional work exposure, check!). Job secured. Contract signed. I am leaving to Hong Kong for two months training, double yeay! 😉 (Answer)

Whatever Higher Being you believe in, I am sure God is great. He got it all planned out for you because He loves you (oh look at me talking, I am the least religious or spiritual person, ever ever!). Regardless of the hard times you go through, there must be something better waiting for you in the future. I am sure you have encountered times when you think, “why am I doing this? I am meant for something bigger, something better” Well, that’s because things happen for a reason.

Don’t you agree?
I know I do.

I am going back to Penang for the weekend!
I have some news to break to my parents. And I am still in a state of disbelief 😉

In the mean time, some pretty pictures taken at I-City for you to drool at 😉

Seriously, how can you not fall in love with i-city? It’s so pretty, I felt like I was in some other country. Go have a look, take pretty pictures and I’m sure you will fall in love with it too. Promise 😉

Dinner with Keshia yesterday at Craft Brews followed by a long session of reminiscing our London years. I really miss UK. I do. Humans are such, when I was there I wanted to get back so badly so I can eat all I want (tulah, kan dah gemuk sekarang -_- ) and see all my family and friends. Now that I am back here, I want to go back there. How lidat? 😦

You know what I miss about UK?

The weather

Picture taken from my room window when I first arrived.
I always feel that the sky is prettier that side of the world.

The snow

It was crazy, London snowed when I was there. It was my first time experiencing real snow and I can still remember vividly what I did and how soft and nice the snow was.

The buildings

Some random buildings in Oxford. Random building also can be so pretty aih.

Hotel De Lourve, Paris.
The architecture of the buildings just mesmerized me. Everywhere I go I see pretty beautiful artistically designed buildings. Why all the buildings back here tall and straight one? ;(

The food
Yea, I know how crazy it sounds but I miss some of the food. Smoked Salmon Salad from Pret-a-Manger

Peking Duck from Four Seasons

Turkish food from Vaadi (OMG I MISS IT!)

Super damn pretty and finger licking good pastries from Paris.

Sensations Crisps

Tortelonni (is it spelled that way ah?)

Scotch Egg omgggg!

The J2O DrinkThis is my favouritest drink, ever. Btw I love J20 not the beer at the end ;p

The scenery

All the above were taken in Nottingham.

The oh-so-famous Klang River’s counterpart in Paris, Seine River

View of London from London Eye.
They have the best scenery, ever.
Everything is just so calm. Everything is just so peaceful. Everything is just so breathtaking.
How can you not love it?

The flowers

The flowers are damn huge. Damn pretty. Damn nice. Smells damn good too.

The Tube

Piccadilly Line

I miss walking up this super high and slow moving escalator to get out of the tube station.

Wearing Scarf

Here so hot all my scarfs are dumped in a deserted place in my wardrobe.

The open public toilet

Can see guys shi-shi openly there hahaha.

Oh no. I’m getting all emo now. I want to go back to London.
Seriously, I knew I left my heart in London when I bid goodbye slightly less than two years ago.
I need to go back there to pick up my heart 😦

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t, right?

I love ice cream so much, I had some friends who called me Melissa Ong Ice Cream -_-
If ice cream were fat-free and sugar-free, I will have ice cream for every meal. Every meal! That’s how much I love ice cream. mmmmmmmmmm *salivates

Because I am so greedy and in love with ice cream, I tend to eat and finish it fast so I can have more which always always end up with a brain freeze!! I hate it when I get brain freeze. Hate it. Hate it.

Don’t you experience that too??

If you do….

Worry no more!

Because Baskin Robbins came out with this great great idea (macam advertorial pulak) where you can have the same taste and same smell of your favourite ice cream flavor without the brain freeze! Best part is…. you can bring it out even in the hot weather here in Malaysia, and yet it will still be in shape 😉


Aha! Hard Candy 😀
Sugar-free lagi hehe

Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream

I shared with Kitty so we divided it into half, and we got the best of both flavors. wee!
Guess which is my favourite of that two.

Cookies N Cream is kuasa dua!

The packaging. So Baskin Robbins color!

The front of the candy.

The back of the candy.

Well, I love this candy because I can eat it anytime, anywhere I want, to satisfy my craving for ice cream which happens all the time! But, I will still enjoy ice cream as I have always had because I am a sucker for ice cream and the icy-cold feeling. Bah.

Looks like I am going to die of diabetes soon.

Eh, the candy is sugar-free lah 😀 *open another packet

Today, I was supposed to go for a haircut and my darling, Keshia, was kind enough to accompany me to the hair salon. Such a loving laling I have

We were having lunch at a Japanese restaurant (which btw the ramen tasted good and rather affordable. Hmm, I shall go back there) and somehow the topic of dye and highlight cropped up and she was such a good sales person, her chun-ted influencing and persuasion skills made me had the urge to highlight my hair. We figured if it was cheap then we’ll do it. So, we went to the salon and Uncle Robin cut my hair and shaped it nicely. Keshia then asked him how much does it cost to highlight (we seriously thought it would cost less than dye because we assumed dye needed more color for the whole head what!) and I almost choked on my own hair when he said RM200 – RM250. So I thought, “aya forget it lah so mahal”. But, us being us, we tried to negotiate for a cheaper price. Determined giler. Lo and behold, Uncle Robin agreed to do it for RM130 (he said student price haha so cute)  and there I ended up with this hair. And Keshia with her nice straight blondish highlight.

I took away the virginity… of my hair today.

My hair is no longer a black virgin.
It’s now a highlighted chick :p

Can you see my highlights?

A clearer look at the color.

How come I feel it’s crazy red here?
It’s supposed to be brown and copper or something. Oh well.

Spent RM200 on my hair but I thought it was money worth spent. As of now. I never had the guts to color my hair. I’m such a dull person, I rather have black hair.

Not anymore, people. Now,  I’m a happening girl with a highlighted chick on my head! *shows off chick wtf


*Picture courtesy of Ms. Kan’s BlackBerry.
This is me while transforming my hair into a chick.
Look at me such a grumpy girl woman.

And this is my ever-lovable-pretty-darling! *Picture courtesy of Ms. Kan’s BlackBerry.
Thanks for accompanying me and thanks for transforming me into a colorful person now haha.
Yew know I lap yew right!?

Have you read the news on the recent earthquake in Sumatra?

Taken from The Star Online.

Apparently the tremors hit several high rise buildings in Penang but it was nothing bad. There was Tsunami alert but it was lifted off two hours later. So, everything is fine back there.

Someone posted up on Facebook a video of Gurney Drive, Penang was hit by Tsunami and it was pretty bad. But I heard nothing from my parents when I spoke to them earlier…so I was just curious. I was chatting with Jane on MSN and I asked her if Penang was hit by Tsunami this morning…

This was part of our conversation.

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
ehhh penang got hit by tsunami ahhh
this morning? i thought tak kena?

Janechanpeiling says:
no la nth
so funny got ppl ask me
then i ask my mom..nth happen la

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
that’s why i thought also
why got video on facebook that tsunami hit gurney?
today or last time punya?

Janechanpeiling says:
itu 2004 punya
last time i watch till i scream at home

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
aku dok fikir
how come my dad never say anything just nowww
quite bad arrr takkan not big news in pg meh hahaha

Janechanpeiling says:
if got tsunami whole dunia gempak lo
no la..just tremor nia

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:

itulahhh so selamba ja my dad just now

“boh su laaaaa ha mi pun boh feel tiok” LOL

Janechanpeiling says:
me mom too

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
apparently my mom’s factory felt the tremor worrr
can feel factory shaking somemore so geng or not

Janechanpeiling says:
my frens father saw the towel moving
but tot he high blood pressure

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA high blood pressure hahahahaha
like me la last time
i felt the tremor last time in 2004
i thought i not enough sleep
my mom lagi keng…my grandma urut her head cz my mom thought sugar too high make her pening wth LOL

Janechanpeiling says:
last time my mom tot got ghost

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
so funny!!!
omgggg tu lahh malaysians no exposure to quakes
feel smth like that…we think of all kinda things
if overseas….
i think feel abit nia they lari keluar rumah d lol
like me so selamba…not enough sleep…sikat rambut walk slowly downstairs
tak takut mati lol

Janechanpeiling says:
ppl run till far far
malaysian can stand n watch tsunami summore!

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
tu lahhh
if its me i think i would watch also LOL
then mati super em tai hahaaha
i think they should educate the ppl about tremors liao lor…and the safety precautions
especially high rise residents
damn dangerous lehhh
nobody knows what to do if got tremors lorrr

Janechanpeiling says:
got one technologist said her japanese neighbour run down terus that morning..
then he pulak can go pack his passport n everything
another collegue lagi funny
her husband go pack money

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:
pack money one is the best HAHAHAHAHAHA
but yea if rumah runtuh need to use money buy new house LOL

Janechanpeiling says:
yalo he said wanna go stay hotel need money
very funny la

♥|«Më£ï§§à»| ♥ says:

Not enough sleep?
Sugar level too high?
Blood pressure too high?

Luckily it wasn’t such a bad one otherwise, things would have been really bad…

I thought it was a really funny conversation that I should share. Pardon the super rojak language, but we’re after all One Malaysia ma. Hehehe.
But seriously, I think the government should educate the citizens on the safety precautions of earthquake or Tsunami, just in case it happens. Well, I know we’re living in the safest part of the world, but don’t you think it’s better to be safe than sorry? No harm knowing it what… it’s survival skills that can be used in any part of the world anyway.

It has been exactly a year since….

we went for our first ATV Ride.

It was indeed a great adventure and sweet memories for us.

we went for dinner at Bisou, Mont Kiara.

you cut your jello-cake at 12am sharp.

And it has been a year since you turned 22, and you are now officially 23.

May you have all the happiness and love in the world.
Pls grow up fast and stop playing computer games 😛

Happy 23rd Birthday, sweetheart.

A week ago, I applied for a job position at HSBC Malaysia. Well, not like I want to change job… but the career path in HSBC looks rather exciting. I thought of giving it a try. I was then invited to complete their online test as the first screening (out of their 4 or 5 more screenings).
After countless times trying to start the tests (my computer is incompatible with their online test page or smth like that lah), I almost choked on my own saliva and died upon looking at their numerical reasoning test.

This is one of their easiest questions on numerical reasoning:

*click to read the question*

I suck at math.
I was never good at it.
I cannot even answer any one of the mathematical questions confidently! *kill myself*

And then after the numerical reasoning test, there was a verbal critical reasoning test. This section was not as bad, just reading a paragraph of statements and then decide if the question was true, false or cannot say, within the time frame. Below is one of the super easy question, I think.

*click to read the question*

Out of the 51 questions (why the number so odd ah?) from both the tests, I can confidently say I will score less than a quarter. Thank you very much. What was I even thinking when I applied for this job in a bank? And of all the banks, in HSBC? I know nuts about GDP (the first 4 questions were based on some GDP graph) and profit earnings of a country. I hate the feeling of incompetence, I feel like killing myself now. Someone please remind me when if I ever want to change a job, that I SHALL NEVER apply for ANY position in ANY banks, even as a cleaner.

On the bright side, at least if I don’t get this job at HSBC, I will continue in my current company and that will give me more flexibility, like….. having a week off this week because my boss is away *jumps of joy*. And also, a big bonus whenever boss feels like I’ve done great job. YEAY! *comforting myself*